These programs provide transportation services for elderly who do not have private transportation and who are unable to utilize public transportation to meet their needs.

Fixed Route

Fixed route services are often a desirable option for elderly parents who are still fairly independent.  If physical and mental limitations are minimal these servces can be ideal.  Many communities offer fixed route services for little to no cost.  There is not typically an advance reservation required for fixed route services.  However, it is a fixed route, and the stops are predetermined.  In addition to this, seniors get on and off the bus independently at each stop and they are not always supervised which is why it is not ideal for seniors with physical or mental limitations.


Door-to-door transportation services are ideal for elderly parents who have physical or mental limitation or like the privacy of personal service.  If you elect to use a service like this, rides are scheduled in advance and your parent is picked up and dropped off at specific locations.  This is ideal for doctor appointments or diagnostic testing.

Ride sharing/Volunteer

Many organizations have organized a network of volunteers to transport seniors to and from health-related appointments and daily activities.  These programs are usually free to low cost to those who qualify.  More often than not this type of transportation service is flexible regarding where they will transport a person, but they do require advance appointments to ensure a ride is available.

With the ride sharing/volunteer transportation programs, some elder care agencies who offer this service are not insured for their volunteers to drive their own vehicles and require the elderly, who this service is being provided, to have access to their own vehicle for volunteers to drive.

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