Elder Care Resources

For most people, the worry of elder care comes on suddenly after an accident or illness and they find it necessary to move quickly with little preparation. The result can be a nightmare of stress and financial insecurity which degrades our productivity, dulls our senses and threatens our capacity to enjoy our own lives. Many have no feeling for the scope of the problems, no knowledge of community or governmental resources, no expertise in judging a parent’s ability to live safely and no idea where to turn for help.

We know that searching for the appropriate care or housing can be an emotional and time consuming process. However, you do not have to do this alone! We are here to take this journey with you. Quality Living Solutions adult care consultants do the legwork and ask all the questions of public and private elder care resources so that elderly individuals and their families can make informed decisions. The diversity of care and housing models, difference in programs, levels of care, licensure, fee structures and many other aspects of the services offered can make the decision making process nearly overwhelming.

Quality Living Solutions will arrange for an assessment of needs to develop an elder care plan and implement it. QLS takes a personal approach with the elder client’s needs and the senior citizen resources available. QLS is not paid a commission from any facility or organization, therefore an unbiased review for a care net of public and private elder care resources is provided to assist you and the elder client in making an informed decision for implementing the elder care plan. This provides you with the peace of mind that the elder client’s specific needs to maintain quality, happy, healthy living whether in home or in a facility are top priority for our adult care consultants.

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