Emergency monitoring systems

Emergency monitoring systems, also called personal emergency response systems (PERS), refer to any electronic devices that connect you with emergency response at the touch of a button. Emergency monitoring systems can give elderly people the freedom to live independently and safely.

Whether you are caregiver that lives close by or long distance, there is the constant worry about a loved one falling when they are alone.  Injuries caused by falls are a common occurrence among the elderly.  Studies report that 30% of people who are over the age of 65 (about 35 million Americans) fall every year, and that these incidences increase to 50% for those over the age of 80.  It’s been estimated that at least 60% of all falls occur in the home, with another 30% happening in public places, and 10% taking place in healthcare institutions.

While the best strategy for caregivers can be found in forms of prevention, it’s still nearly impossible to know what’s really going on with a loved one when they are on their own.

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