Care transitions

What do we mean by "Care transitions"?

This term refers to the movement patients make between health care practitioners and settings as their condition and care needs change during the course of a chronic or acute illness.

In dealing with a health situation the last concern most individuals have, whether it be the patient or their loved ones, is ensuring effective communication between their doctors, nurses, social workers and other health care providers.  However, it is poor communication between well-intentioned professionals and an expectation that patients themselves will remember and relate critical information that can lead to dangerous and even life-threatening situations.  Quality Living Solutions takes an interdisciplinary approach to our transitional care services with communication and resource tools to help you better understand the challenges of a care transitions program and empower you as part of the caregiving team.

 "Then into the New Wing!  We’ll see Dr. Spreckles, who does the Three F’s – Footsies, Fungus, and Freckles.  Nextly, we’ll drop in on young Dr. Ginns, our A & S Man who does Antrums and Shins, and of course, he’ll refer us to Drs. McGrew, McGuire, and McPherson & Binn & Ballew & Timkins & Tempkins & Diller & Drew, Fitzsimmons, Fitzgerald, and Fitzpatrick, too,  and all of whom will prescribe a prescription for you."

~Dr. Seuss, You’re Only Old Once

Nearly 30% of all hospital admissions for people over the age of 65 are directly attributable to medication non-adherence.

Quality Living Solutions goal is to improve care transitions by providing the tools and support necessary to promote knowledge to manage care transitions in living arrangements whether from hospital to home or from home to assisted living facility or nursing home.

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