About Our Elder Care Consulting

Providing care for the elderly while going to University of Wyoming and then working with the elderly for 17 years as a legal assistant in Wyoming fashioned the passion for the elderly. This passion and recognizing the need for a liaison to assist the elderly and their families find the appropriate elder care resources for an individual's specific living needs is the driving force behind the founder of Quality Living Solutions, LLC.

Suppose you are a child that does not live in the same area as your aging parent and you believe your aging parent may need some assistance. Finding the right information and knowing where to go for help can often be confusing and overwhelming. Let a QLS elder care consultant gather the resources for area providers you need for informed decision making.

Whether you or your loved one needs full-time assistance or just wants to take a day trip in the mountains or see an art exhibit or concert, we will connect you with the right people, services and resources. What matters most is your happiness and health. Quality Living Solutions' elder care consultants are here to take the journey with you to ensure all of your wants and needs are met.

Care transitions are an important facet of care giving. Too often intervention is necessary to insure the correct elder care plan is followed by all individuals and professionals that have a part in the care for the elder recipient.

"Then into the New Wing! We’ll see Dr. Spreckles, who does the Three F’s - Footsies, Fungus, and Freckles. Nextly, we’ll drop in on young Dr. Ginns, our A & S Man who does Antrums and Shins, and of course, he’ll refer us to Drs. McGrew, McGuire, and McPherson & Binn & Ballew & Timpkins & Tempkins & Diller & Drew, Fitzsimmons, Fitzgerald, and Fitzpatrick, too, all of whom will prescribe a prescription for you."
~Dr. Seuss, You’re Only Old Once

Nearly 30% of all hospital admissions for people over the age of 65 are directly attributable to medication non-adherence.

An elder patient often requires care from a variety of practitioners in multiple settings. For example, an elder individual with a chronic illness may receive care from his or her primary care physician or a specialist in the ambulatory care setting. That same elder person may then receive care from a hospital physician and nursing team during an inpatient admission, and yet a different physician and nursing team during a brief stay in a skilled nursing facility, and yet a visiting nurse when the elder patient returns home. During these times when the elder patient is most vulnerable and their informal caregivers are overwhelmed themselves, systems of care can fail them without the intervention and follow up of an elder care management plan being developed in one setting and transferred to the next. By default, facilitation of successful care transitions becomes the responsibility of elder patients and their caregivers, who often do not possess the necessary health care self-management skills or confidence to assume this role.

Inter: 1. Between or among 2. Mutually or together

Disciplinary: Pertaining to or used for discipline

Our elder care consultants take an interdisciplinary approach in communication with aging parents and their loved ones for planning and creating an elder care management plan in solving life’s concerns in order to maintain quality, happy, healthy living whether in home or in a facility to lessen the burden and stress for the family and loved ones. A Quality Living Solutions elder care consultant does the legwork and asks all the questions of public and private resources so that elderly individuals and their families can make informed decisions.

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